An exclusive interview with stylist, Yagmur Sefa



"My name is Yagmur Sefa, as an Istanbul based fashion stylist i make editorial shootings with the Berlin, Paris, New York based fashion magazines, campaign shootings with the designers & brands and i do fashion consulting for celebrities.


I love the Swedish clean style, oversize items, monochromatic looks in white, black, gray, tan and the occasional red, plus signature pieces like the long dramatic coat, cropped top. The results are a band of beautiful minimalist glamazons whose style is slowly being copped by the masses. 


Every project is a different story for me. My work is like a universe made of art, architecture, nature, movies, passion and sometimes my own personal feelings. When i feel dark, you can see it in my mood boards and editorials. May be more cold themes and dark colors. Also when i feel happy, i make colorful & fun editorials."

What is fashion for you?

Fashion is a way to express yourself and discover yourself. You can challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone and try new things and thus give yourself confidence. Fashion is how I give my self-confidence, because I always feel better when I look my best and feel my best.

How does your work affect your personality?

As a stylist, my work and personal life are closely intertwined and networking is my strong suit. My work makes me more talkative, considerate and problem solver. Because of my job, we see the upcoming trends early and do a lot of meetings & fashion shoots for the upcoming seasons. We always live in the future. After all these things, even my own time has changed. I set the time 5 min ahead on my phone. Now i literally live in the future :)


The freedom to express how much and how important it is for you?

Diana Vreeland said “ You’re not supposed to give people what they want, you’re supposed to give them what they don’t know that they want yet.” All we need is freedom and pushing the limits. We create new stories and new worlds in every project. We need to be free so that we can easily transform all the abstract thoughts in our heads into concrete materials. The limits of our imagination are endless. When there is pressure on us, this will be reflected in our direct thoughts and our work. A repressed mind can’t push the limits and feels stuck.

Fashion is storytelling, but it also reflects social changes! How do you live this difficult moment for the whole world?

Since lockdown, all shootings have been canceled: So there are no jobs at the moment. The situation forces me, like many others, to spend most of the time at home. I am in regular contact with friends and relatives through video calls. The uncertainty concerns me sometimes. My favorite distraction is artistic: I continue to work on mood boards for upcoming productions. However, I would rather focus on the positive side of every story and the truth is that this pandemic brought a whole re-learning of human values.


What is the philosophy of your work?

I like to try something new is different and risky and sometimes scary but how will you ever know how fabulous you could look if you never try? Trying new things allows you to grow and evolve and get better and better. I think the value is that you’re always challenging yourself and letting yourself be creative.


I wonder if the focus shoot be less on fashion though and more on creativity in general? Thoughts?

For example; editorial shoots are stories that a creative team have come up with, and executed. We don't cover certain fashion trends in this work and creativity plays key role. But commercial shoots are organized by a brand who are in need of new imagery to market their service/product. These images are most often used as advertising, or for their social media. They’re created in order to help the brand sell their product or service. That does tend to mean that there is less creative freedom involved, as the brand will have a clear message that they want to convey, and a look they’re achieving.