“As a child I often found myself struggling with acceptance; whether that be physically, or mentally, I would never sit and look at myself comfortably. Male and female aspects of myself felt conjoined, yet separated at the same time and I never understood what that meant to me. It was after I learned from my best friend what non-binary was, and a ton of self-reflection/years of figuring out how I present and perceive myself, that provided clarity to this discomfort. Looking at my body and finally understanding it in its entirety; the relationship with my mind and soul felt free of confusion and that burden of never understanding who I was, was suddenly relieved. As someone who rarely ever gets to see nonbinary people in the spotlight, I would love to bring exposure to us and give us more recognition in industries that provide us with no inclusivity. To those struggling to find themselves, I challenge you to redefine what it means to be your truest and most authentic self!”

Photographer: @austinbralynski 
Designer: @emanuelungaroparis