An exclusive interview with New York based makeup artist, Andrew Karrick. We talk about Andrew's story of starting makeup, staying creative at home during COVID-19 and getting in touch with the inner creative genius.



For our readers that don't know you, could you introduce yourself?


Hey y’all! My name is Andrew! Im an up and coming makeup artist! I’ll be 25 in a couple of weeks and October marks my 2 year anniversary of being a New Yorker! (I don’t care what Carrie Bradshaw says, I’m here to stay!) I live in Bushwick with all the other soon to be’s and my two besties! If I could have dinner with a dead celebrity it would be Oscar Wilde! 

How are you managing during quarantine? What are you doing to stay creative and inspired?

This quarantine, coronavirus affair has been a time of major self reflection for me! Lots of time has been spent sitting with my own feelings, meditating, journaling, doing yoga and being conscious of the fact that I’m a soul in a human body having a human experience and that I’m an infinite being with infinite possibilities! I feel like this time has given me the chance to let go and not take myself so seriously when it comes to my art, to let the ideas flow as they are! I was at my Mom’s house in Kentucky for 3 months with no makeup so the face charts were getting a beating! Now that I’m reunited with my kit Ive gotten back in to serving looks (at home :/) and have spent a lot of time drawing out what’s in my head on a face chart or in my fashion sketch book to create some sort of rolodex for myself! Also Pinterest is a slight addiction now, there’s SO many beautiful looks to grab from as far as makeup and fashion, you just can’t get on Instagram! 


When and how did you get into makeup?

Well the first memory I have with makeup is when I was left home alone for the first time! I was 8 years old and knew exactly what I was going to do when the coast was clear! I went straight to my parents bathroom, grabbed my moms makeup bag and beat my little 8 year old mug! I totally got caught thought! Dove soap is not a makeup remover lol! After high school I went straight in to being a cashier at Ulta, I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else! Even just to be around the makeup was enough for me! I’ve probably swatched every eyeshadow and lipstick Ulta has like 20 times! From there I went in to doing prom girls, graduating to the local department store, and then did the whole wedding makeup artist gig for a while and now BAM! I’m a makeup artist in New York City! 

How would you describe your style of makeup?

I would describe my makeup style as New New Romantic! The 2020 club kid! Bold, graphic, funky femme fatale! Queer Pop Punk! Eleganza Extravaganza! I have developed and am evolving this sort of “makeup mask” style that plays on the natural features and curves of the face but turned in to a modern art painting! We’re all born naked and the rest is drag! That’s my philosophy and I like to take it to the extreme!! 


What are your three most favorite ride-or-die makeup products?

My Mehron Paradise Paints Palette! The Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilburry, and NARS Orgasm Blush just always gets me right! 

What does makeup mean to you, especially as a male in makeup?


Makeup means everything to me! Makeup is my channel for self liberation. It gives me a chance to share what I see in my head, my perspective, my version of the matrix, what beauty looks like reflected back to me! I get to be my own version of a queen! I get to be whoever I want to be! It’s like magic in a way!! 


Are there any makeup artists that you look up to or brands you would like to collaborate with one day?


I’d have to say I would LIVE AND DIE to work for Pat McGrath! Her early 2000s Dior looks especially the Spring 2004 show... I mean it doesn’t get more legendary! I would love to be in Paper Magazine or Gay Times and eventually V Magazine and Vogue and all that glamOURR! As far as makeup brands I would love to collab with MILK makeup, Marc Jacobs Beauty, MAC, Haus Labs and Pat McGrath Labs (just a few I LOVE) I am super in love with all of these artists and know there’s is like 500 more I could include but these geniuses that always inspire me popped in to my mind.. Lee Bowery (of course) @pissy_pussy @samvissermakeup @chioalihsu @ryan01 @salvjiia @mary_dav @kabukinyc,,, @nikki_makeup and @danessa_myricks on the natural glowy beauty,,, @caemone @matieresfecales @uglyworldwide @sitabellan @fakehauswives @arnoldo.jpeg @junobirch @waltpaper @isshehungry @pamhoggfashion @violetchachki @thealexbox @charlesdevinmorin @empty.pools and SO many more!!! 

Besides makeup, what are some other things that put you into a creative flow and keep you inspired?


I love fashion just as much as I love makeup! Sketching out my ideas in my little fashion sketchbook is my happy place! And honestly just sketching and painting in general take me to another world inside my mind! Sometimes I put unnecessary pressure on myself but when I’m immersed in my art for a while and in the flow, the images comes faster than I can put it on to paper!! I also just day dream a lot about my dream MOD 60s/ 80s retro disco but make it futuristic themed apartment in the city and what I would wear to the Met Gala! So many things! It’s all limitless and that’s the fun part, if I don’t like an idea I can move on to the next bit of genius I receive from the universe! 


Do you have any tips or advice for those looking to become a makeup artist?

Don’t take yourself so seriously! I used to get so wrapped up in the “value” I put on myself and compared myself to the “others” that had the careers and gigs I wanted/ or were creating looks I didn’t know how to do technically yet and I viewed myself as less than! It held me back in a lot of ways! Recognize that you are you’re own little genius, you have ideas and can create things no other human on this earth will think of and that’s the beauty of it! Don’t get in your own way and trust that all of your desires are there in your mind because you are 10000% capable of achieving them... otherwise it wouldn’t be your desire! And also practice practice practice! If I go too long without doing makeup, the first time after a while is a struggle and it takes a hot sec to get in the flow! Beauty evolves from failure, failure is an opportunity, some of my most favorite looks started out as one thing and went a completely different direction, by accident! Trust your intuitive creative genius, because you have it! Everyone is a genius it’s up to you to allow your genius to come through! Oh and one more thing is to connect with everyone you come in to contact with and treat them like they could be the connection you’ve been waiting for, that will grant you the opportunities you’re working on manifesting because that’s really how it is sometimes! Life likes to surprise us like that!! You so got this hunty! 


What does the future look like for you? Any big goals or dreams you are wanting to achieve​?

My focus now is to really get in tune with my inner creative genius and get out of my own way (which I’ve done for so long) I  see for myself, working my way up the social media and fashion makeup ladder to make a name for myself in the beauty and fashion/ pop culture industry and would definitely LOVE to create my own line one day or become creative director of a well established line! I see myself on beauty campaigns modeling my own lewks like a Haus Labs campaign, I see my face on a big poster in Sephora! I see myself having my own fashion line and shoe line one day for the nonbinary queer culture (all garments will be made in a feminine and masculine cut) so any body type can have their dream outfit and it FITS :D!! Also there’s like a total of 3 brands that are actually cute and have a size 12 so I’mma fix that for sure! I’m really drawn to the idea of a high fashion BDSM type fashion brand that celebrates gay erotica/ gay counter culture archetypes and aesthetics and have like HUGE circus like productions! I also love performing and singing and can totally see some tracks and music videos in my day! I have very grandiose visions of my future and I used to be scared of them or think “who am I to have all of that” but now I see it as “why not me?” I know I’m capable of all of this so why not?? There are no rules to life! No body ever said I couldn’t have it all! So I decided I would and now I’m walking down the yellow brick road! I also can’t wait to go do ayahuasca in 2021 and experience some major self healing! This crazy time has really catapulted my spiritual journey in to high gear! I’m excited about the future insights and enlightenment I will receive form source and mother ayahuasca! Where will my spirit lead me? What will my perspective be like on life after years of meditation and plant medicines?! And how can I use it to expand and heal the rest of the world? I ask myself this a lot! I am here to heal, create, and inspire and that is what I intend to do!