Pink Gradient

An exclusive interview with photographer, Alexander Courtman.



What is fashion for you?


As i´m working in fashion since nearly 18 years, it became part of my life.. having an eye on trends, changes and of course collecting pieces of fashion for myself.

How does your work affect your personality?


My work is personal, so it affects me every day in many ways. It always reflects my point of view which is very much driven by the need to get back to a more raw and uncompromising look.


The freedom to express how much and how important it is for you?


The freedom of expression is something I was lucky enough to grow up with, but still there are moral aspects that I do question every time and I think it’s very important to keep that inner and outer dialog alive.


Fashion is storytelling, but it also reflects social changes! How do you live this difficult moment for the whole world?


The changes made in fashion due to the current crises have been overdue and should have taken place long before. Cutting down the collections to twice a year will have a great, positive environmental impact.

We need to come back to a better quality for a reasonable price. 


What is the philosophy of your work?


I want to capture the souls of my models. I look for honesty, fragility and beauty of true emotions.


I wonder if the focus shoot be less on fashion though and more on creativity in general? Thoughts?


Welcome to my world. Working in the fashion industry for more than 15 years, it fills my heart and soul to not have the pressure of thinking too much about styling and credits. But I love fashion, so it will always be involved if needed.