Singer, Sam Smith (who uses pronouns they/them) revealed that going shirtless on social media has helped them to accept themselves. Smith says, “My main issues when I was a kid wasn’t my sexuality, it was more my body.” Having suffered from gynecomastia (a disorder that results in an increase of male breast tissue), they were often bullied throughout school. At the age of 12, they underwent liposuction.

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Smith told Australian TV show “The Project”, “I still struggle having my top off and always will, but I feel like taking my top off on social media helped me.” We know in the digital world, beauty standards are set high amongst all social media users. It has developed a sense of false attainment amongst much of this generation, having the lasting effects of negative self image. Seeing an individual like Sam, posing shirtless by the water, is exactly what we need to see more of to challenge these ideas. We don't want to see chiseled abs or strong bone structure or tan skin all the time; we want to see a real human being without the filters and fillers, embracing the body they are in, no matter what shape or size.
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In a tweet, Smith unveiled the release date of "To Die For", their long-awaited third studio album, to be May 1st via Capitol Records.