Roses of Eden is a presentation of floral maximalism, inspired by Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s 1888 painting The Roses of Heliogabalus. On first glance, the painting is a beautiful banquet washed in florals. Looking more closely, the guests are buried in the petals, providing contrast between the delicate painting of the bodies and the soft color palette. The scene pulls from this sense of unease, juxtaposing images of softened masculinity against a backdrop of beautiful destruction.


Photographer: @mimignoh 
Video: @austinbralynski 
Stylist: @clippedoffwings 
Makeup: ⁠@madeup_looks
Models: @honkytonkhooker @maxsmirage @_matt._.mccabe 

@chetan_cutting @btwwgray
Sponsored by The Holyrad (@holyrad_studio) Editorial Program with head producer @joe.van.o