Issue One: "Spotlight" w/ Quis Crawford

Bringing light into the shadowed areas of the world, we dedicate our first issue to the theme of "Spotlight." This 200+ page issue sheds light onto our most slippery subjects and captures the beauty in redefining what it means to be male. From male models in full face makeup and heels to dresses and fishnets, this issue is truly special and a product of why we started Slippage. As you flip through the pages, you will witness never before seen editorials, shot by 20 contributing photographers based around the world and read words from our cover stars + more.


Contributing Photographers & Artists: Clement Louis, Isaaccaple, Catarina Silva, Edgar Vazquez, Wiktor Chmielewski, Ben Chabanon, Joe Brennan, Austin Bralynski, Max Jorquera, Thijs Jagers, Magdalena Haddock, Ciáran Christopher, Kimdary, Jacopo Paglione, Asafe Ghallib, Achraf Amiri, Edward Cordoba, Falyn Huang, Karl Slater, Balint Trunko, Kike Hernández, Adam Hazucha & Domenico Cennamo


Contributing Writers: Adrian Gomis Exposito, Lewis Robert Cameron, Veronica Mazza

Issue One: "Spotlight" w/ Quis Crawford


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