“I want to be a beacon of light for the weirdos of the world. For the ones who walk the in-between. Masculinity and Femininity simultaneously arguing and celebrating with each other in a glorious free-for-all. Being Non-Binary transcends all traditional and modern understanding of what it means to truly be human. It completely surpasses whatever arguments may arise about what masculinity or femininity should look, feel, and sound like. What it should taste like. It erases the topic of such all together. It erases it so much and chisels away at every expectation, every assumption, and every pre-distributed construct until there’s nothing but an unapologetically pure human being standing in front of you.” -Oliv

Photographer: @sarahwentworthphotography

Makeup: @olivjustoliv

Designer: @ll_designs_division

Jewelry: @makingwowjewelry

Model: @olivjustoliv