The new pop single to feel confident in yourself, your body, your sexuality, and using that confidence to have fun!



Bronze Avery, Joe Desantis, Shawn Binder, and Justin Gilbert

One of pop’s exciting new voices; Gabriel Brown, otherwise known professionally as Bronze Avery, is an American pop singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. His newest single titled “Boys”, co-written by Gabe Reali and produced by, Bronze Avery is here just in time for the summer for all your outside or indoor activities! You are bound to start feeling boy hungry when you listen to it. Slippage sit’s down with Bronze and talks about life in quarantine, vulnerability as an artist, and upcoming projects.

First off, we wanted to say that we hope you are staying safe and healthy during quarantine. We know it is an especially difficult time for us creatives, so how are you holding up during all of this? What having you been doing to stay motivated and inspired?


I’m doing ok during quarantine! It was really rough at the start because I was insanely busy, but now I feel like I have a bit more time to slow down and be creative. The way I see it, it’s a blessing that I can work from home and stay safe and keep others safe. Not everyone has that privilege. 

Now, what's your story? What do you need the world to now about Bronze Avery? 


I'm someone who really loves music. I study it, live it, breathe it. I've always been drawn to really interesting melodies and emotional lyrics. I'm also pretty DIY. I've essentially learned how to do every aspect of this business on my own. It wasn't something intentional, but being a QPOC nobody really hands anything to you, you have to fight for yourself.

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Photographer: @thatbinderdude

We are dying to know the creative process behind writing "Boys" with Gabe Reali and why you felt so compelled to make this song. Can you let us in on some details?


It actually started out as a song we wrote on the piano! I was going through a time where I was dating back and forth and getting really excited, but also really frustrated about the process. I tracked the demo to a piano track and we planted the seed that one day, we’d return to the song with a producer and make it feel anthemic. Months later that producer ended up being me. I was working on another production idea and the melody that I wrote with Gabe for “Boys!” popped into my head. Right there and then, I restructured the song to fit the new production I was currently working on and wrote some extra verses to really hone everything in. Super random process, but once I made it, I knew it was the next song I wanted out. 


Were there any big musical influences that helped bring this song to life? if so, who?

Actually, no, which is why I think I love it so much. The production idea started with the synth line you hear at the start. Everything organically just fit right in with the style. When making a song is super easy, that’s when I usually know I’m doing something right. 

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One can argue that, vulnerability is the key to success for any artists work. We believe stepping into the dark past or recent memories and experiences of oneself and turning them into a tangible form, for your case, sonically, can be somewhat of a therapeutic release. What has been a vulnerable moment for you throughout your creative journey? 


Everything I’ve written during this quarantine period has actually been something weighing on me. It’s one of the first times in my life where I’m writing songs because I need them. I need to get out all of my emotions to really understand and process them. It’s almost become my new way of journaling.

Besides your own music, what is one of your favorite artists who you would jam out to for the rest of your life? Any particular song that needs to be put on full blast?


Charli XCX is my favorite artist of all time. She’s just so original and unique, but also really fun and pop while being emotional. I truly don’t have a favorite Charli song, but Focus/No Angel always comes to mind. 

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Casual Talk is your podcast that you host with your friend, Shawn Binder. You talk about topics which are often not easily approachable, but do in a way of bringing light and laughter to them. How will you continue to use your voice to create a space that raises awareness and also spreads laugher at the same time?


I wanted to do Casual Talk because I think I’m actually pretty funny and warm, but online I can see super polished and maybe even unapproachable at times. I also started it with Shawn because we like getting deep! We don’t like asking our guests about what they do because most of the time that’s obvious. We really care about how they’re feeling, what makes them tick, and what weird shit they're into. We also want to interview a variety of guests so that we have as much representation as possible. 


What do you hope listeners will take away from your music?


Since my music doesn’t have an overall message, I really want them to feel like they’re in a dream. Sometimes that dream can be super exciting and uptempo, and sometimes it’s a bit slower, maybe a cry for help. I want them to be able to escape from reality for a little bit. 


Are there any upcoming plans or big projects that we can expect to see in the near future from you? What is a goal that you have in mind for yourself?


Right now, I'm super focused on making a bunch of songs I'm really proud of. I'm hoping to do a bigger release in the fall, but I'm more concerned with getting all of the material in a place I'm really proud of.

Any last words for those who are reading this interview?


Sometimes it might feel impossible to do things on your own, but learning new skills will really empower you and your art and ultimately be the thing that can push it to the next level it needs to go.