We are here to say that, Adam Lambert is officially back! After four years in the making, Friday, March 20th, Adam has released his new album "Velvet." He told USA TODAY, ""Velvet' reflects all parts of my personality when it comes to love: loving yourself, looking for love, love lost. It's the most authentic version of myself I've ever been."

The first few seconds of his music video for Velvet and you are instantly transported back to the 70s and 80s. From colorful garments and makeup looks to match, to big glasses and big hair, it's hard not to feel nostalgic. Adam says, "I'm excited to invite fans to come into this world...It's an escape, which right now is really needed. It wraps them up like a hug."

Direction: @charlie_chops 
Production: @mrprincewilliam at @moojproductions 
DP: @mattetaylor 
Set: @lydiaaachan 
Stylist: @kieranfenney 
Hair: @jamesoxleyhair 
VFX: @sx_felixsilvestris 
Choreo: @edmunro 
Edit: @nataliewozniak 
Graphics: @sazanimation
Grade: @rkmstudios_color