Who Are We?

We are a creative platform that focuses on the slippage of masculinity and redefines what it means to be male. We work to expose the aspects of being a man that are not always prominent in our society and exhibit subjects who are changing the industry through fashion, makeup, artwork and authenticity. Slippage not only acknowledges who we are, but also the world in which we were born. We are here to question what masculinity really is.

What Makes Us Different?

We are a platform unlike any other! We have chosen to not follow a given path, but rather build our own. We strive to break barriers, push inclusivity, and welcome the beauty in being different. It is our mission to shed light on the areas of this industry that are not often talked about and finally give them the spotlight they rightfully deserve. We welcome anyone to our platform.

Founder/Editor in Chief

Austin Bralynski



New York

Brooklyn, NY 11211


If there’s anything you would like to tell us, or if you would like to work with us, please write to